Fetch email strange error

Hi all,
starting from today I'm receiving this error on a Fetch email command:
Error: You must load or assign this property before you can read its value.
Source: action "Fetch email", module "Main", table "Download email attachment"

Could you please explain me what this means?
Consider that this procedure has been working for months.

Thank you

Hi Claudio,

If you open in the Connector Manager the settings of the email connector used in the action, and press "Test" (to test the connection), is the test successful?

Hi Dmitry and thanks,
yes, is sent successfully.

Hi Claudio,

Which email service you are using?

Can you please make that error appear again, click the right mouse button on the error message,
click “Copy diagnostics information to Clipboard” and send the copied text to our support email?

Hi Andrew and thanks,
the service is Microsoft Exchange Online.
I copied the diagnostic but I never directly wrote to support before, could you please remember me the email address?
Thank you

It's support@easymorph.com

Hi Claudio,

Thank you for the diagnostics information.

It looks like the "Fetch email" action can't access properties of one of the fetched messages.

Can you please check the target folder for some unusual messages? Especially for the ones with
unusual or empty subject or unusual attachments.

If you are running the "Fetch email" action with the "Fetch attachments" option turned on,
can you please try to run the same action with that option turned off?
(also it's better to temporary switch the "After a message is fetched" option to "Do nothing"
in order not to change the state of the target email folder).

Will give you an error? If it will - please copy the diagnostics information and send it to the same support email.

Hi Andrew,
I followed your suggestion checking for unusual message in mailbox, I found and removed a strange attachment and now all works well again!

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi Claudio,

You are welcome!

In case that message is still in your trash folder, is it possible for you to share it with us for testing purposes? If so, please forward it and send it to our support email.

Hi Andrew,
unfortunately it is something I can't share with you as it contains personal info.
I can say that it was without any object and the attachment was a .docx file.

Thank you