Fetch e-mail token expired

I get this message on the fetch e-mail action.
This is strange because I know this action has been triggered daily since I have set it up. How come it gives me a message that it has been inactive?

Hi @ArendP

What EasyMorph version are you using?

Also note that only shared connectors are updated during workflow run. If connector is embedded in-project it’s tokens can’t be updated.

hi, thanks for your answer.
I am on version (desktop client)
Server is on version

Can you explain a bit more on the shared connector? I have a Fetch e-mail action set up, with connection (via a shared connector) to an e-mail account that is in the Server space.

Yes, this is shared connector and this combination should prevent session from expiring if the connector is being constantly used. We’ll look into it, thank you for reporting the issue.

Hi @ArendP

We’ve identified and fixed an issue that was causing this behavior. The fix is included in the latest version, 5.3.2 which you can download from our website. If you have EasyMorph Server, it also has to be updated to v5.3.2.

Thanks! I will start updating and keep an eye on this. Will take 90 days before I can say it’s working :slight_smile:

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