Fetch - Attachment issues

Hi Dmitry
I have been using Fetch without issues.

Today, when I wanted to run the EM project again, I got error: Object reference not set an instance of an object. I did not make any changes to my project.

I tested it. If I fetch without attachments, it works fine. If I fetch attachments and enter folder path or use a parameter, it gives the above message.

Please step me through what I need to do next.
I am on the latest version of EM.
I did create a email connector again and tested it and it was successful.
I tested send email and it works fine - so my credentials are correct.

Thanks for your help

Hi Rykie,

What email service or server are you fetching your emails from?

Can you please create several “Fetch email” actions each of which fetches attachments from a different single message. You can utilize the “Pre-filter by subject” option and other filter options to fetch a specific message. Please make those messages as different as possible. I.e. from different sources and with different types of attached files.

Will all of those actions give you the same error or some of them will succeed? I would like to determine if this error is caused by the common attachments fetching workflow or by a specific message.

Hi Andrew

Thanks for your help. I isolated the error. I received a Zip file that was damaged/faulty. Once I removed the file, I can use Fetch as expected. Thanks.

A question for future feature: Can it skip damaged files and continue with fetch and provide a list of damage / files not fetched?

Hi Rykie,

You are welcome!

There is no such feature right now, but we will think about it.

@Rykie, is it possible for you to share that message or at least that Zip file with us? If yes - please send it to our support email. We would like to find the source of this error and show a better error message.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Thank you @Rykie,

I was able to replicate this error with your file.