Fast import in MySQL not enabled


I am trying to import 1.5 million rows using the LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE command in MySQL.
That is the suggested manner on the easyMorph website.

I have a local database on my computer but apparently when I execute it in MySQL workbench the command is not allowed.

I have checked stackexchange but the suggested solutions are not working.

In the link below, I have successfully changed the global option to enable the command by running the suggested command in MySQL workbench (windows installation).
However, when I execute the LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE command, it still says, it is not allowed.
Does anyone has a solution in mind ?

Thanks in advance !

I would suggested asking the question on StackExchange.

I shall try that. Is there another way to speed up the import of a file of say 1.5 million rows into a MySQL database ?

For those interested in the issue. I have posted a question stackoverflow:

FYI the problem has been solved. You need to call the mysql command line from the command prompt by first adding the path like:

C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 8.0\bin

Then you should enter the following:

SET GLOBAL local_infile = β€˜ON’;

Then restart the command prompt and log in using:

mysql --host=yourhost --user=youruser --password=yourpassword yourdatabase --local-infile=1

We refer to the aforementioned post on stackoverflow.

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