Failure with easymorph when I want to access in a opened excel file


I m new User of eqsymorph and I have an excel file permanently open, and I want to access the data of a spreadsheet with Easy morph. I have an error message, easymorph can’t connect to the spreadsheet.

Is there a solution

Hi @Filvog, and welcome to the Community!

Please post a screenshot of the action properties and that error message.

Also, it it possible for you to share that file with us? If so, please send it to our support email.

Attached is a screenshot of the simple project. I’m stuck at the first step importing an excel file that is unfortunately still open. Is there a way to get around this problem?

Hi @Filvog,

That’s strange. I can import a file opened in Excel without any issues.

Are you sure that another program besides Excel does not use that file?

Is the file imported successfully when you close it in Excel?

If so, which version of Excel and Windows you are using?


I retry with the function create new sheet in Excel. No Go, It seems to be that all the function does t work when excel is open.

How to do

see screenshot above

Hi @Filvog,

That’s expected behavior. Windows won’t let you modify or delete an XLSX file when it’s opened in Excel.