Extraction and transformation of information in log files

Hello, I would like to know if there is any way to extract and transform the information from the easy morph server logs, for example, the segmentation of jobs by user or by user space and other information that could be relevant, this to be able to segment as much as possible without losing the integrity of the information and later use it in the creation of a dashboard.
Thanks in advance

Hi Alan and welcome to the Community!

EasyMorph Server logs can be parsed using the “Import fixed width text” action in EasyMorph. The task logs contain events about task starts, completions, and failures. The Server log contains information about user logins, some user actions, and high-level information about task runs. At this point it may not be possible to link a task run to a particular user, or event.

Nevertheless, investing time and effort into parsing Server logs to extract dependencies between users, tasks, and spaces may not be worth the effort. In version 5 (planned for release in March 2021) the logs will be largely replaced by a journal. The journal will effectively be a database table and will store information about users, spaces, events, task runs and their results. Since it’s a database table, it will be trivially easy to query it and analyze in EasyMorph Desktop.

Task logs will disappear, and Server log will be reduced to only system events and errors.


Thanks for the welcome!
I appreciate your time and attention in answering my question, and I will keep an eye on the updates.
Keep in touch!