Extracting all projects published in the Community and their actions

We’re revamping our web-help and @CraigT greatly helps us with this. Soon, the web-help will have much more informative articles on actions and connectors. Some articles on actions have already been rewritten. For instance, check out this one: [EasyMorph Help] Import fixed width text.

To make articles on actions more helpful, we will be putting in the article links to Community topics that have example projects with respective actions. However, scanning thousands of posts and analyzing hundreds of projects manually doesn’t seem feasible. Fortunately, we can completely automate this task with EasyMorph.

Below is a project the does the following:

  1. Iterate through all topics of this Community forum.
  2. In every topic, scan all posts and extract links to .morph files (if any).
  3. Download every .morph and list its actions using the “Project metadata” action.
  4. Append everything into one table, and save it into a .DSET file
  5. Optionally, shut down the computer at the end of the flow

The project is a good example from which you can learn a thing or two. Feel free to download, explore, and run the project. Here it is:
Community projects.morph (22.4 KB)

What you can learn from the project:

  • How to use parameters
  • How to arrange iterations using modules
  • How to use conditional branching
  • How to send web requests to web APIs and parse JSON
  • How to run external applications and manipulate files
  • How to use the “Status” action to track progress
  • How to extract metadata such as actions, tables, or parameters from project files

On my 6-year old laptop, the project runs about 40 minutes.

When you have the full list of actions in all projects obtained, I encourage you to switch to the “Analysis View” and explore the dataset using the filter pane. You might find a few interesting examples that you didn’t know about.

Slightly updated the project. Added a checkbox parameter to optionally shut down the computer after the workflow is finished as it can take a while.

Community projects.morph (26.0 KB)

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