Extract path from xml and json [DONE]


When we parse JSON, we have to choose the path in a picklist.
Could we have a function that extract the content of this picklist.
This way we could use loops in a module to parse the JSON without knowing in advance the available path.



hypothetically, that would be an action (say “Extract JSON/XML paths”). It would get a column with JSON values and produce a list of JSON/XML paths.

Can you provide an example how one can parse the JSON if such an action was available. I can’t envision how it would work, but the case could be useful.


I need a little time to prepare a business case.

Hi Dmitry,

Here is an example
I use it to audit excel files.

  1. copy all the excel files of a directory to a temp directory
  2. change extension to zip then unzip
  3. go on each files to convert the XML data to a tabular mode
  4. make back up file for audit and forensic purpose
  5. clean temp dir[

As I can’t put the xml path to extract to module then I have to create specific modules for each part of a source file.
With the extraction of the path of XML/JSON files and the possibility to use a parameter for the path, then I would have only one EM project to extract any kind of office file and convert it in tabular mode


Extract xml excel.morph|attachment](upload://ekwoZqEMJeIywPQ6YfOYeCZ7Q1v.morph) (195.0 KB)

We will enable using parameters for the root XML Path in Parse/Import XML in v4.2.2 (end of February).

To obtain a list of all available XML paths, you can import/parse full XML with the option to make column names as full XML paths. The use the “Table metadata” column to produce a list of column names, which will the the a of full XML paths.

Thank You,

All these little details make the difference.