Expression editor accepts no ' and "

I can’t enter " and ’ in de expression editor. Error occured at version 3.7.

Win 10, language = ‘Dutch’ Keyboard = VS (International)

@vitaly please check it out

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Can you please update to the most recent version (3.7.1 build 30) and see if the problem persists. We’ve made a few bugfixes in the expression editor since 3.7.


Just installed V but the problem remains!

The problem only appears when I open de editor (fx) editor, when I edit in the line, there is no problem.


We have applied additional fixes to address the issue. Can you please install the latest version and check if the problem still persists? If so, please let us know how to reproduce the problem step by step, if possible. Also, please let us know whether there are any error messages when the problem occurs.