Export with ANSI encoding

Hello team,

I’m trying to export Easymorph content into a delimited text file, with ANSI encoding and code page 1252, but the exported file is always in UTF-8.

Generated file encoding:

Do you think this is some kind of problem?
I’m using Easymorph 4.6.2 and also tried with

Thanks for your help in advance,
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Hello @Andresantos and welcome to the Community!

I don’t think that there is a problem.

ANSI encodings and UTF-8 encoding are ASCII-compatible, i.e. all the ASCII characters are encoded in the same way. So when a delimited text file contains only ASCII characters, it can be treated as an ASCII, ANSI, or UTF-8 without BOM file. And it seems that your text editor just assumes that it’s a UTF-8 file.

Thank you for your answer.

I thought the same, but then i saw some other files I have that are shown in ANSI encoding on the same text editor.
That’s why i don’t think its related to the text editor.


What encoding does your text editor shows you when you export just a text string from EasyMorph with the ANSI encoding (you can export just a text string by exporting an empty dataset with a single column named text)?

If you get different encodings from your test file and a file, created by EasyMorph, can you please send both of those files to our support email?