Export to XML feature in future release

Hi Dmitry,

I have seen that an XML-export function will become available in a future release of EasyMorph.
That’s great !

I have the following use case. We have applications that we have to test regularly. The application take as input an XML file. We want to increase our testing efficiency by taking our test cases from our test environment, download the XML-files, changes some values of certain XML-elements en then be able to export the changed XML again so that we can run our test scenario.

Will it be possible to export back the XML (same structure as the imported XML-file) ?

Kind regards !

Most probably it won’t be possible as EasyMorph is designed to work with tabular data, not tree-like structures. If you need to change some values in existing XML files you’d better use the “XSLT” action which is intended exactly for such cases.