Export To Tableau Server - extract path must have .tde extension


One of our analysts is trying to export to Tableau Server (10.5) using EasyMorph Desktop Pro 3.7.2.

He is getting an error when running his transformation (unknown error)

I am running the same transformation on my machine, again running EasyMorph Desktop Pro 3.7.2 and I am getting a different error when running the transformation (extract path must have .tde extension)

Please see attached screenshot (Licence details have been blanked out).

Any ideas how to resolve this?




For completeness, I downloaded and installed the latest 3.7.2 installer and re-installed EasyMorph.

This changed my version from to - Something changed between these sub-versions has resolved the issue.


Hi Daniel,

There was a bug in Export to Tableau which was fixed somewhere between in