Export to Tableau Drop Downs

It seems that there’s a bug with how the drop downs are placed in the layering. Basically, when using the Export to Tableau action and trying to fill out the fields for the Tableau Server / Tableau Online not all of the dropdowns are showing up when selecting the dropdown to the right of each row (connector, project, etc.), specifically the two in the middle for Project & Data Source. When selecting it, the arrow flips indicating the dropdown is open and you can see literally just a couple of pixels change color which is what makes me think it’s related to layering in the UI.

Steps that replicate this every time i try (in v5.3.3.2)

  1. Open new project
  2. Pull in any data (can even skip this step and it’ll still present the error)
  3. Add action “Export to Tableau”
  4. Select ‘Tableau Server / Tableau Online’
  5. Select the ‘Pick text type’ drop down for the Project or Data Source and you’ll not see the picklist.

Hello Christopher,

We were able to reproduce this bug. We will fix it shortly. Thank you for reporting it.

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The problem has been fixed. Please download the updated version from our website.

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