Export to self-executable file

Hello there…

This might be a bit controversial as it could undermine the licensing issue, but what would be really useful is self-executable projects. This way a project can be triggered by a non-user by one click.

Limitations could be put in, so if a project has more actions than allowed in the free version, the ‘export to self-executable file’ option is disabled.


It’s still possible. See Running EasyMorph workflow as standalone application

Yeah, but not really possible without having EM Server … :wink:

The .exe is what I’m looking for.

Why EM Server doesn’t for work you?

Currently we’re running with 2 desktop licenses, and no server.

We keep the projects in a shared drive - not optimal, I know, but for now it works without having to have server.

Anyway, the current options for “self-executables” are not really self contained executables, as they call projects on the server. My request would be to pack a project into an .exe file, where all actions are contained in the project, with no need to call a server.

As of now we don’t have any plans to do self-executables for any foreseeable future. Even if we did, it would incur an extra license fee that would probably be comparable with the Server license cost.

Thank you for the suggestion, anyway!