Export to Excel using new feature "create table": bug with empty content


I’m using this new feature because it has a double advantage : first if easymorph builds a table then you can easily build a visualisation based on the table, second it can be easily imported in Power BI Service which needs a table.

Problem : if the excel is empty. I have a first message :

Then there’s a kind of lock :

And after Excel propose to delete the table :

Maybe you should avoid to create a table when there’s no data to output ?

Hi Romain,

I replicated this issue (except for the lock message). Thank you for pointing it out.

We are planning to fix it shortly.

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Hi Romain,

We fixed this issue in the latest version. In Excel, when a user either deletes all the data rows in a table or creates a new table with only a headers row, the table is resized to have a single empty data row. So from now on, when the input dataset has columns but has no rows, EasyMorph will create an Excel table with a headers row and a single empty row.

You can get the latest version from our download page.

Very good solution and seems to work, thanks !

You are welcome!