Export to Excel and create table

Currently, the Export to Excel file is able to do that and create a named range.

It would be great if we also had the option to create a named table instead.

Reason is PowerApps can only link to a TABLE inside an Excel sheet, not a range.


It’s an interesting suggestion, thank you. I’ve made a note about it.

Any plans to release a feature in the export to excel action so that tables that are exported can be formatted as an excel table?

Possible use case is the following:

We have a monthly report. When we make graphs in excel en paste them in word, the graph is linked to the excel. Howerver, when the data range in excel is exapended, the graph does not take this into account unless the data set is formatted as an excel table (shortkey is ctrl + T) in excel.
Currently we generate a sequence of excel files so that end users can make these graphs more quickly. If we could export the files as excel table, we would not have to change the range of the graph manually each time in the embedded excel graph in word.

Any plans to incorporate this feature in the near future ?


Ranges in Excel is sooo yesterday!

Hi Hendrik_Lombard !

Have you found a workaround to create to format an excel range to a table after export ?
I know in excel I can do it with CTRL + T. But I would like to do it for all excel files after the export in an automatic way.

thanks !

No - I have not been looking for a work-around.

I have faith that Dmitry will create that functionality soon!

I hear you :slight_smile:

One possible workaround would be to use Get & Transform on the Data tab in Excel. The default option from there is to load to a table in Excel and it can read from csv, txt and other Excel files.

Get & Transform can do a lot more than that as well, but for what I’m doing I keep finding it slow to update, so here I am trying out EasyMorph and hoping it will save me time.

Hope this helps until this feature is added!