Export to DB failed - “Error: Current action doesn't support Other SQL

I’m trying to load data using an ODBC connector into SQreamDB
during the configuration, I set the dialect as - OTHER SQL.

how can I add SQream into the dialect configuration file in order to load data?

Thank you,

Hi Yotam and welcome to the Community!

SQreamDB is currently not supported by EasyMorph in all actions except the actions that allow executing custom SQL statements - “Import from database” and “Database command: Custom SQL”

We’ve been discussing adding support for SQreamDB SQL dialect with your colleagues.

For now, if you need to export data into SQreamDB from EasyMorph, you can do it using the bulk load feature in SQreamDB (I assume there is bulk load in the DB) as follows:

  1. Export data from EasyMorph into a CSV file using the “Export to delimited text file” action
  2. Upload the CSV file to a machine where it can be read by SQream DB (you can use SFTP, SCP, Amazon S3 file transfer, Google Drive, or OneDrive for file transfer).
  3. Use the “Database command” action in EasyMorph to execute a custom bulk load SQL statement to load the file into SQream.