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There is a way to export data to Google Bigquery? I’m trying to use the “Export to database” action, and after selecting my BigQuery connection and the table name, I got this error:

Error [HY000] [Sima] [DiverSupport] (2003) JSON parsing error: Invalid value.

Not sure about what to do. Any ideas?

Hi Dan and welcome to the Community!

Direct export to Google BigQuery currently is not supported. To export to BigQuery you will need to export data from EasyMorph into a CSV file and then use 3rd party tools to upload it into BigQuery. For instance, use the command-line utility bq as described here: Batch loading data  |  BigQuery  |  Google Cloud

Thank you!!
Please consider this as a future feature. loving Easymorph so far :slight_smile:

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Thank you for the good words, Dan :slight_smile: Native export to BigQuery is on the roadmap, but can’t say at this point when exactly it will be added.

Hi Dmitry , is there any future date for the direct export into bigquery functionality.

Thanks a lot.


Hi Eduardo,

the action is still on the roadmap, and we still don’t have any specific release date or version.

EasyMorph now supports BigQuery in the “Bulk export to database” action.

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The timing is 1 day after I needed it :mechanical_arm:
Nice, many thanks.

This is FANTASTIC news :slight_smile: