Export several tables into the same Excel file in 1 action

You made it for import, our users really need it for export. It would run as the append feature : you can choose tables to append and it creates dependencies.

With this new excel export action you would be able to add several tables and it would export them in corresponding sheets, using the name of the tables for example.

Today if you want to do that, I think you would have to create another projet and iterate on the list of tables, or use several export actions + synchronize actions not to lock the excel target file. Very complex … Especially for business users.

Don’t you think it would be very useful ? A little up here. A bit annoying that Easymorph can handle only one sheet and if you want more, you have to do very complex thing like other exports + synchronize or call modules. I’m sure an action that export several tables in one action would be easy to implement. In parameter you could have the name of the excel of course + the name of the sheets for each table exported (they can be the name of table by default)

Any action in EasyMorph by design can only work with no more than 2 datasets – the one from previous action and an external one. Even if we made an export to Excel action that exports 2 tables at once it would hardly make things dramatically easier.

Ok, i understand the technical limitation. Did not know about that.