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Export dataset to Microsoft Access

Really stuck on exporting my final dataset to Access. Which I expected to be the easy bit.
The Access database is shared on dropbox but I am working with the synched copy on my hard disk.

Stages so far
(1) created a connection using ODBC & SQL:2003, seems to work OK after upgrading to 64bit office and installing a raft of Microsoft downloaded utilities
(2) Using the ‘Database command’ action have created a table in an Access database, with correct field names. But the database the table is created in not specified anywhere in this connection - where does it come from (I did enter the path for the database when struggling to create the connection string)? How is the database name, rather than the table name, normally specified?
(3) Having created the table I am using the ‘Export to Database’ action I get error:

Error: Invalid table name “C:\USERS\JOHNS\DROPBOX\xxxxDEV\xxxxALL.accdb.Manuf_ENCODE_TRIAL”. Expected either table_name or schema_name.table_name.
Source: Action “Export to database” in table “Manuf_ENCODE” in project “C:\Users\JohnS\Dropbox\xxxx\EasyMorph\ProdDataExercise.morph”

Any guidance welcome.
BTW I am a bit lost why exporting/importing (my next challenge) a dataset to/from Access is materially more difficult than sending it to Excel.

MS Access is not officially supported by EasyMorph. While it’s possible to use the ODBC driver to a certain extent to import data from an Access database, exporting to MS Access doesn’t work out of the box.

If possible, use SQL Server (any edition) which is fully and officially supported by EasyMorph. See here the full list of supported database systems: http://help.easymorph.com/doku.php?id=connectors

Thanks Dgudkov, I will push on, sounds like I need to write custom SQL as a next step…
I am intrigued on why not support for Access. I know there is zero kudos for using it and it is always ignored in db comparisons, but it is - by a distance - the most widely used database application in the world. What’s the thinking?

That’s true - Access is still widely used.

I believe, the reason for the declining support for Access is because Microsoft themselves view it as a legacy system. They frequently recommend switching from Access to SQL Server Express. Also finding, installing and configuring 64-bit ODBC drivers for Access is a hassle. When we started EasyMorph 5 years ago Microsoft didn’t even offer a 64-bit driver, only 32-bit.

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