Export data in existent sheet

Each month I transform the data and I need add this data to an existent Excel sheet.
how I can add the new data after the current data?.

Hello @Flor and welcome to the Community!

You can read data from an existing Excel sheet as follows:

  1. Use the "Import from Excel" action to read whatever data you may have in it currently
  2. Appending the new data in EasyMorph using the "Append table" action
  3. Use the "Export to Excel" action in the "Replace sheet/range in existing file" mode to write all data back

Note that in this case, all formatting will be lost, as EasyMorph doesn't preserve Excel formatting when importing data from a spreadsheet.

Thanks for your answer.
I will try

It's parfait !!! thanks a lot

You're welcome! :slight_smile: