Expired autorization code Salesforce concetor

Hello, After two years of using the Salesforce Import connector, it has started to fail. The reason for the error is "expired authorization code". I have tried generating the connector again by authenticating myself, but the same issue occurs.

The authentication seems to work, but it expires after a few minutes. The permission settings have not changed in Salesforce.

What could be happening?

Thank you very much!

In the 'Advanced settings' tab of the connector, are you using custom OAuth app?

Typically, such an error can occur if customOAuth app registration does not include the refresh_token and offline_access scopes. Without these scopes, the behavior would be consistent with what you have described, where the Salesforce access token expires approximately every 15 minutes.

Please verify that the OAuth app you are using has these scopes enabled in Salesforce 'Platform Tools', Apps → Connected apps → Manage connected apps