Execution order of groups

Hi all,
I know the tabs position doesn’t affect the execution order.
But I have 14 different tabs and I noticed that they start in groups.

How is the order of execution determined by easymorph? Is there a way to control this order?
I’m mainly curious, but I also think this could help.

Thank you

Hello Claudio,

Regarding the part of your question about controlling the order of execution, you have the “Synchronize” action. With this action, you tell EasyMorph to put the execution of that table on hold until another table has been calculated: transformations:synchronize [EasyMorph Help]

Here you have more info: EasyMorph.Blog: Using Synchronize transformation



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OMG! I was preatty sure to have checked all the workflow internal actions, but I didn’t see the only one I needed! :frowning:

Thank you so much Roberto for this suggestion!!!