Execution: improving the information displayed

I am surprised at how little information is displayed to the user during the execution of a project and at the end of the execution.

  1. During the execution of a project, why not display in the execution window:
  • the action being executed (and the current iteration number, if applicable)
  • the execution time of the current action
  1. At the end of the execution, it would be useful for the window to display the total execution time as well as the execution time of each action.

When EasyMorph calculates actions in the background (like calculations in Excel), no additional information is shown.

However, if you run a workflow using the “Reload & run” or “Run all actions” button, you will see a dialog window with the execution progress (see below). It appears after 3-4 seconds of running.



The total execution time of an action can be seen when you hover an action (see below).

Nice feature. Did not know about that. Would it be possible to choose, whether this windows closes automatically or keeps on screen until the user submits?
At the moment the dialog windows disappears directly after the job finished.

I think of a functionality like the flag in Qlikview at the “Reload”.


Technically speaking, there are two modes of workflow execution in EasyMorph – background calculation (non-blocking) and explicit calculation (blocking).

The background calculation is triggered only when “Auto-run” is turned on (default setting) and the workflow was changed – an action was edited, a parameter value was changed, etc. Background execution is very similar to sheet recalculation in Excel. During background execution, you can still navigate the project, view action settings, analyze their outputs in the Analysis View. That’s why it’s non-blocking. If you edit some action’s settings, the background will silently restart from the point of change. Background calculation never executes external actions, i.e. actions that change or modify date in files or external systems. It silently stops when an external action is encountered.

The explicit calculation is triggered by pressing buttons “Run all actions”, “Reload & run”, or clicking “Run action” on a not calculated action. The explicit calculation can always be triggered, regardless of whether “Auto-run” is on or off. When the explicit calculation is triggered, browsing the workflow is not possible, the “Run progress” dialog that shows calculation progress (can be seen in my previous post) blocks the UI. The explicit calculation does execute external actions. It’s the only way to execute external actions because it allows doing it in a controllable fashion.

It’s not possible to switch between explicit and background calculation (or back) while running largely because they have different effects on external actions.

What kind of information do you expect to be preserved there?

The execution time of an action would be fine (as shown at your example). When the job has finished, the dialog window disappears and you don’t have a chance to see the execution time. It would be nice to have a look at those figures for a longer time.

Understood. We need to put somewhere the last run time.

BTW, if you need to find the long-running actions in your workflow, you can use the “Find actions” dialog:


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Great feature.I did not know about that.

Thanks, Dmitry!

These times are only available at runtime? Maybe we could have an option to log them (especially on the server where the runtime might slightly be different due to another environment).

Hello thank’s for your reply.

Hello I come back to my question for improving running informations displayed:

We have a main orchestration project calls successively 16 sub-projects.

  • we don’t see what module is running
  • hint indicate “call another module/project”
  • we don’t for how long current module is running

Informations displayed :

I think it would be easy to improve this…

Improvements propositions :

  • add module name in hints
  • add the running time of the module in hints

And at the end of the execution of all the modules, propose a way to consult the execution time information of each module and the total execution time.

Maybe add this information to the execution report.