Executing stored procedure (not care about return value)

At the end of my product, I want to just run a stored procedure to do some logging.

I tried to use the Database command, and do a custom command.

EXEC dbo.Log 10

and it didn’t error but it didn’t seem to run either.

Is there another way to do this?


Hi Flowy,

I assume that you are working with SQL Server.

I was able to run a stored procedure at SQL Server from EasyMorph without any issues. Also I checked that an error from a stored procedure is correctly displayed in EasyMorph.

Does you procedure work correctly when you call it from SSMS or some other software?

Yeah I didn’t get any errors that I could tell but it did execute the stored procedure in SQL.

So I think this works for what I need. If I ever wanted to get a return value how would be the best way to do that?

Thanks Andrew!

@flowy, you can use the “Custom SQL” mode of the Query Editor to fetch data with a stored procedure.

Awesome! Thanks Andrew!