Execute python comand on Easymorph Server

Hi there , Im runing a program under Easymorph server enterprise , using a specific account.

When I run a program that execute powershell and invokes python. The comand dont do anything. But if run directly from the IDE or using Easymorph Launcher it works.

Do you have any advice for this behavior ?.
Im using other comands in powershell and it works fine.

comand :

Use the “Run program” action to run Python scripts instead of PowerShell.

Hi Dmitry , just now I change to that option. The problem remains.
This is an image of the error. Let me know if I have to change something.

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I tested using easymorph launcher and it works fine , using run comand. But in the server it show me and error.

Hi Dmitry i solve the problem doing this.

Is there and explanation , why using easymorph launcher works with direct configuration ?

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The Server runs as a Windows service. The Launcher runs under your Windows account. They have different environment settings.

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