Exchange Connector Error message

Hi Team

I setup my credentials for the Microsoft Exchange Connector and it works fine.
I am trying to set up to other employees as well, but get an error message:


The email address used to detect the URL is correct.
What could the problem be?
We used the same Version Echange2013_SP1

For account and Password, the email and password were used.


Hi Rykie,

it looks like the Exchange’s auto-detect service can’t be reached from your colleague’s computer. Try disabling “Auto-detect server URL” and providing the server URL manually. It should be something like:


You only need to figure out this part: your-exchange-server.


Hi Dmitry
I still can get this to work.

I have figured out the your-exchange-server and it works om my computer. This is a personal computer and not the company computer.

When we try this on the company computer, we get an error:


Any suggestions?


Hi Rykie,

Are you using the same connector settings on the personal and company computer? Or you were using an account and password for another employee on the company computer?

Hi Andrew

If I prepare a connector and send it to a colleague and they use it with my credentials on or off VPN the connector work.

If he add his credentials the following error message appears:

If he enters an incorrect password the following error message appears:


Any ideas?

Hi Rykie,

Thank you for the info.

Can you please ask that user to try to send a message with an attachment (using his credentials)?

Hi Andrew
He gets the error messages when we try to test the connector.
So are you saying that we ignore that and try to use the action send email with attachment?

That’s right. You can just save that connector and then use it in the Send email action.

OK. Thx

Hi Andrew

We did the following:

  1. I set the connector up (Microsoft exchange) as well as an action sending a file via email connector
  2. The user added his credentials
  3. Tried to execute the action (Sending email with attachment)
  4. See error attached.



Hi Rykie,

What version of Microsoft Exchange you are using? There is a bug in Exchange 2013 that leads to the experienced error: "The SMTP address has no mailbox associated with it" error when you access a user's mailbox by using EWS application.

The other possible source of this error is an incorrect Account address. It may contain a typo or has an incorrect format. Please check that the user is able to send emails with the same settings from some other software.

Thanks, Andrew.

Not sure about the version of Microsoft Exchange, but is works on my laptop, so do not think it could be that.

I will test the password with the impacted employee.

Rykie, Exchange Web Services API, used internally by EasyMorph to communicate with Exchange, can’t obtain a mailbox for the impacted user.

So it seems that you and the impacted user have different types of accounts. Or different permissions.

Hi Andrew.

This makes sense.

We came to the conclusion that my email account (as consultant) was set up differently as his email account (as an employee). When the employee use an EasyMorph with my account details, the email connector work.

This means that they cannot use the email connector.