Excel (xlsx) import issue

Hi Dmitry,
Having an issue with Excel import. I am trying to load a tab (complete from a file which has multiple tabs. The overall file size is 130mb but the tab which I am trying to load is around 35mb (when copied to a new file). The tab is completed IB and it has around 181K+ rows but EM is loading rows around 159K. What could be the issue here?
Below are screenshots of last 2 steps

Hi @lvkohli and welcome to the Community!

It's hard to say what causes the problem without seeing the file itself. Would it be possible for you to send a file share link to support@easymorph.com? Don't send the whole file by email - it won't go through because it's too big.

Also, was the file generated by a 3rd party application (i.e. not in Excel)?

Hi Dmitry -Sorry, the file has PPI info, which we cannot share. If you don't mind, can I do screenshare?
This file is coming out of Alteryx daily in Excel with multiple tabs. I copied the tab to a new file and it loads all the rows.

I understand.

I'm afraid screen-sharing might not help here as we need to see where exactly in the source file structure the loading stops.

Can you switch the output format to CSV in Alteryx? We've seen cases when 3rd party tools don't stick to the standard specifications when generating Excel spreadsheets, and they fail to load correctly in EasyMorph unless we add some logic to handle non-standard cases.

Hi @lvkohli,

Can you please try to resave the whole original file in Excel? Will EasyMorph load all the rows after that?

I would not be able to do that since for final reporting, the different tabs are linked to several workflows and reports. I would prefer to export a new file from Alteryx and that I can do easily is csv or excel.
Thanks for your help.

Hi Andrew -Sorry, I saw your message today. Yes, if I open the file and resave it then it picks up all the rows. It looks like the file getting saved directly from Alteryx is not recognized by EM. I have other excel files coming from other systems, which works well with EM. Tomorrow, I will try csv format file from Alteryx as suggested by Dmitry to see if this issue gets resolved.

Hi @lvkohli,

Yes, most likely, Alteryx creates Excel files that do not fully conform to the XLSX file format. But resaving the file in Excel fixes the file.

You can try to add the "Excel command" action with the "Re-save" command selected before the "Import Excel spreadsheet" action. This way, you should be able to import all the rows from that file. Please keep in mind that you might need additional effort to make the "Excel command" action work on EasyMorph Server.

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