Excel Post-processing features

Data exported to excel has some limitations that I want to try to resolve (inside or outside of Easymorph)

  1. Easymorph doesn’t support columns with the same name. I need a way to export multiple columns with the same name. Example:

Value Type Value Type Value Type Value Type
1 M 2 A 3 GA 4 PL
2 C 3 E 4 AA 6 EE

Currently, it exports as follows:

Value Type Value(2) Type(2) Value(3) Type(3) Value(4) Type(4)

  1. I need to insert a row above the header row after export:



  1. Is there a way to produce a list of errors or show errors as red?

In our use-cases, we often do lookups. Sometimes those lookups are invalid, so what I do is to set value to: #NOT FOUND - [COL] so we can review later.
Unfortunately, it is not easy to spot those errors in large exported files in multiple columns. Is there a way to generate a file with a list of lookup errors? If not, is there a way to post-process files to mark cells as RED?

Ideally, we also want to have a list of EasyMorph errors (e.g. conversion issues, etc.)

Thank you!

Unfortunately, not possible with EasyMorph. If it was a text file, you could’ve exported without column headers. This option is not available in the “Export to Excel” action at this point.

Not possible for the same reason as above.

In the “Lookup” action you can specify the default value (for non-matches) using an expression with the error() function for a custom error message. Later, rows with errors can be filtered using the “Filter by type” action to keep only rows with errors.


For #1 and #2 - if I write a simple console C# app to solve this issue, is there a way to execute it from easymorph action and pass generated file name as a parameter?

Sure, you can use the “Run program” action to run any application, script or Windows shell command from EasyMorph.

Alternatively, you can run VBA macros in Excel using PowerShell in EasyMorph. See this topic: Running Excel Macro in EasyMorph Project.