Excel import hanging (EasyMorph, Win10, Excel 2016)

Whenever I try and import an Excel file (insert > file > import from excel) then EM hangs saying ;loading data’.

I have created a brand new excel file with only 3 ci=olumns and 2 rows of data to test it … but still hangs.

Used to work OK.

Ideally I want to re-install EM to see if that solves the issue but I don’t have the original installation file and I cannot find anywhere to download v3.3.1.3 from (as that is the highest paid version i am licenced for).

Can anyone help either a) identify a cause / fix fort the hanging u=issue or b) point me to where I can download EM from



Caused by a Windows upgrade and has been resolved in EM 3.6 - info supplied by Dmitry who also helped my out with a EM 3.6 version.

Great customer service, as usual - Thanks Dmitry