Excel Import Error Message

When importing an Excel file into EM, I receive this error message: “The file is corrupted or has invalid format. The “sst” element is not fount in the SST file.” Can someone please explain what this error message means? The file in question is a .xlsx file, it gets created automatically by an RPA process.

What’s odd about this error message is that when I copy/paste all of the data into a new Excel file, it imports into EM with no issues. This makes me think it has something to do with the way the RPA process creates the Excel file. Any insight here would be appreciated!

Screenshots are below.


Hello Jacqueline,

Which version of EasyMorph you are using?

Hey Andrew, thanks for taking a look. I’m on version

Most likely, this error already has been fixed. Can you please update to the latest EasyMorph version or at least to the latest build of version 5.2.0 and try to import that file again?

Hi Andrew,

I have updated my EM desktop app to the latest version and the file now imports properly! Thank you for the help!


Hi Jacqueline,

You are welcome!