Excel file opening issue

Hi all,

Does easyMorph have limitation when opening a excel file? The reason is that I have BW4HANA exported report file with 3407 rows and 44 columns but when I open that file with easyMoprh it gets only first 3292 rows only. This report contains confidential information so I can not share it. My easyMorph version is image

this is when easyMorph opened the excel file

but actual file has

Errors like that usually appear when 3rd party tools and libraries generate Excel files programmatically. They frequently don’t stick to the standard specification. Most probably BW4HANA creates a file with an incorrect structure. Try making BW4HANA export into a CSV file, instead of a spreadsheet.

Unfortunately BW4HANA can’t export as csv… only exports to XLSX.

You can send the file to our support email. We’ll take a look at it.