Excel extension : desktop vs server


Possible we found an anomaly in 4.3 version (desktop and server) : create an excel export action and omit the .xlsx extension. In the desktop, the extension is automatically added. In server, it’s not and the file is produced without extension.

Hello Romain,

I can’t reproduce this issue - .xlsx extension is correctly added in both desktop and server.

Does the exported file have the same name in desktop and server?

The extension will not be added if the filename contains a dot character.

My bad. You are right the behaviour is the same and the problem was that there was a dot in the file name. Good to know : when there’s a dot, extension is not added. Don’t know if you can change that ?

I don’t thing that we should change that behavior - user should be able to export to a file with any extension. And we can’t tell for sure if the last dot in the file name is a part of the file name or it’s separated some custom extension.

I understand. The only problem is when you have a file named “Extraction 2019.4.5”. Maybe you did not think of this case => you will not add extension although it does not have extension. Whatever, it’s not a major problem.