Excel error on open file


We found an error when we tried to open an Excel file written by EasyMorph in a script like this: opened an Excel files (a template files) written some data and save excel in a new file (output file). When we try to open the output file with Microsoft Excel it is happened the attached error. Also I attached the template file.

template rap promo.xlsx (9.8 KB)

The Microsoft Excel is “Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2202 Build 14931.20132) 32-bit” and it happened on the new Excel versions. With Excel 2007 I get the error but with recovered file option the file its opening.

Can we help us ?

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The bug has been fixed. Please install an updated version from our website.


The fix it is working. For us, you need to make this fix also in EasyMorph Command Line Worker. We use now v5.1.2.2 and it is not fixed.

Thank you.

CLW has now been updated as well. You can download the updated version here: EasyMorph | All downloads

Desktop version and CLW it’s working well.

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