Excel command Macro VBa

Hi I´m trying to run a macro in a single file.

The macro code is very simple.

Sub UpdateQueries()


End Sub

It doesn´t work at all, i had even tried to introduce a waiting time just in case.

Any help!! please!!

Error description: (EasyMorph window)
Excecpción no controlada en un componente de la aplicación. Si hace click en continuar la aplicación omitirá el error e intentará continuar.
Dynamic Loader no esta definido

Hi Jesús,

Try using the “Recalculate workbook” command in the “Excel command” action. It should refresh the workbook.

Hi Dimitry!!

Thank you very much for your quicky answer.

I have paste bellow a screenshot of the flow.

  1. Excel command run macro

  2. Waiting time

  3. Recalculate workbook

  4. Waiting time

The macro “refresh all” should update some tables queries (power query).

This macro is working perfect in directly in Excel.

This flow should be part of something biger but until now i didn´t get the solution for this part.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I meant using “Recalculate workbook” instead of your macro.

I don’t see a screenshot. Did you attach it?