Example: creating an XML file

Here is a simple example how to create an XML file.


  • First export action is in the “Create” mode, the rest are in the “Append” mode.
  • No Column headers exported
  • Quoting turned off
  • No separator

create xml.morph (3.6 KB)

Hi, this is a good example a list of “flat values”, but want if the data is not flat and there is a split like the example below, with 1000 of SKUs.

5713755520468 42 M 46 L 5713799999999 42 M 46 L

Thank you very much.

You can create internal XML elements using expressions and then concatenate them using iterations, or aggregate, or just keep appending to a file.
nested-xml.morph (3.3 KB)


Thanks a lot, I made the same with Excel :D, but was afraid that multiple text lines in one field would not be readable as an XML.
I will give it a go to this during the week :).

1000 thanks.