Escape Character in Function Builder for Double Quotes "

Hi -
Sorry, I feel like I knew this one or at least bookmarked it but couldn’t locate in the documentation

If I want Text to be concatenated with a column “Amt” it would like like this:
"I have the following amount of product: " & [Amt]

However, if the text is something like this:
<td scope="row">

I will get an error if I attempt to wrap it in Quotes:
"<td scope="row">"

Is there an escape character set to use for double quotes?

Then to elaborate, my work around is not very flashy

I create a parameter for the value

and use it that way

Hi Adam,

You can wrap double quotes into single quotes and the other way around.

Sorry - Maybe I’m not understanding:


After Wrapping

Text literals in EasyMorph can be either in single quotes or in double quotes. If a text literal contains double quotes, wrap the literal in single quotes. Quotes tell EasyMorph where a literal starts and where it ends.

[Count] & '<td scope="row">'