Error updating values to a Sharepoint List

Hello community,

Do you have an idea on what could be this input format error? I do not find nothing in documentation.

Thanks for any help would be appreciated

The [SO] column doesn't look like a row ID in a SharePoint list. The IDs should be integer numbers.

If you retrieve rows from a SharePoint list earlier in your workflow, make sure you also import row IDs by ticking the checkbox as indicated below:


In the "Update/delete rows in SharePoint list" action use that column for row IDs.

Hi Dimitry, totally working now it was my fault yes.

One related question. How easymorph "treat the Sharepoint lists"? Because if I try to make and action for insert/update "Export to Sharepoint list" when I try to map the columns from EM to the destination in MS List the Microsoft List has not all the columns.

Maybe this has something related with the "views" in Sharepoint list? I thought that this action access to the all items asps list.

In real this list is a MS List, not purely the Sharepoint list.

Just if clarifies .....
To retrieve data I can select different views but in the moment to update records I can't

Thanks for any help Dimitry

The columns displayed in EasyMorph are directly derived from the columns returned by the SharePoint CSOM API. Therefore, if certain columns are not displayed, it is because the SharePoint API itself does not list them.

I hope this answers your question.