Error on Google Drive action when are involves shortcuts (files and directories)

Continuing the discussion from Import Google Sheet:

In Google Drive Action there are operation that are not working when are involves shortcut.

  • For “Upload files” the folder list didn’t list the shortcut directories.

  • For “Download files” the folders shortcut are no listed as directory but as files. So it is imposibe do browse a shortcut directory in order to select files

also, if I had a directory in my drive as a shortcut (shared from outside) because in Google Drive Action it is not listed, I change the owner to me (in order to access through Google Drive Action) and I have an error when I try to upload files in this director (in attach). The shortcut and directory have the same name, then I change the name of directory the upload works perfect.

Please advise,

We’re investigating what we can do in this case.

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