Error on Easymorph Launcher

Hi Dmitry!

Getting this error on the Launcher and wondering if i am hitting some maximums or if you have any suggestions or ideas on how to tackle. I get these a lot lately and i wind up shutting down the launcher and restarting.


4/19/2021 1:20:01 PM Warning in Task manager: Task threadpool has been exhausted. Completing the task may take longer than usual.
4/19/2021 1:20:55 PM Task failed with 2 error(s).

Hi Cris,

What EasyMorph version are you using?

How frequently does the scheduler launch tasks? Try launching them less frequently.

Is there a document that addresses the capacity of the launcher and whether that would improve if I upgrade to server version?

Both Launcher and Server use the same scheduler under the hood. So in terms of task scheduling capacity and execution frequency they are basically identical (Server has some performance optimizations). Server works as a service and comes with additional features not available in Launcher. A comparison chart between Launcher and Server can be seen here: EasyMorph | Scheduling projects

We provide 30-day trial licenses for Server, if needed. You can try it and see if it works better for you. The Server installer can be downloaded from this page: Download ETL Server | EasyMorph.

Hello, I’m also getting “Task threadpool has been exhausted” sometimes.

What does it mean exactly? No other tasks are being run at the moment the message appears.