Error on Command line worker (v5.0.0.2)


I have an error when we are running a project through Command Line Worker (v5.0.0.2): “Error: Array dimensions exceeded supported range.”. This error it is not show when same project are running on EasyMorph Desktop (v5.0.0.14). The error occurred is on ‘merge another table’ action with 1.5mil.x90mil. rows.

This is a Command Line Worker Limitation or is something that can be fix ?

Thank you,

Hello Radu,

CLW has exactly the same data transformation engine as Desktop or Server and doesn’t have any CLW-specific limitations on data transformation.

Can you please send the project and the log file to our support?

Sure. I sent all the information to support email address ( if you need more details I will be happy to provide it.

I am waiting for your response.

The bug has been fixed. Get an updated version from our website.

Is the update available?
The version currently available on the site ( has the file size unchanged (compared to previously downloaded files) and also the same version v5.0.0.2. The error is also the same.

I just checked it again, and it’s Try closing the browser and re-opening it. It could be that your proxy server cached an older version.


all good. v5.0.0.3 works fine.

Thank you!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: