Error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Hi EasyMorph Team,

We created a project that throws the following error:

When I go into the module, and check the parameters, the following error shows up, then shuts down EasyMorph completely.

I tried to re-do the parameter, and the module, it didn't work.
The project was created locally, with embedded conectors, so I can't upload it here. I can send it via email, if it helps. The project was created locally, I was trying to prep it and see if I could schedule it on the server.
Any ideas what I should do?
Thanks in advance!

Can you please post a screenshot of the "OneDrive command" action in your workflow, or send it to our support?

This one?

Yes, thank you. The bug has been fixed. Please install the updated version from our website.