Error - Exporting into Excel file

I'm receiving this error when exporting into an Excel file. I have multiple actions same as this one but only this one is failing.


Are you creating a new Excel file or updating an existing one?

Creating one. Though it's set to overwrite.

Is the target folder located on a network drive, a virtual machine, in a folder that is synchronized with a service like DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, or something similar to that?

It's a local folder. The following action is to upload the local file into Google Drive (refer to the previous image attached). I don't know if that means the folder is synchronized with Google Drive?

The presence of the Google Drive action doesn't mean that the folder is synchronized with Google Drive. There is a separate Google Drive utility that synchronizes a local folder and a Google Drive drive.

Can you please make that error appear again, then make a right-mouse click on it, choose "Copy diagnostics information to Clipboard," and send the copy text to our support email?

Thank you. I deleted the action, created it again, and now it's working fine.