Error: Exception while reading from stream

Hi -
I occasionally will get this error when running a postgreSQL morph.
From what I can see is that the query has been executed on the server but I can’t pinpoint what is causing the issue.

20180711150144 Command line: “C:\Users\abeltz\AppData\Local\EasyMorph\Morph.exe” /c "C:\Users\abeltz\Desktop\CustomerSegmentation\CustomerSegementation_Export_Tool.morph"
Project C:\Users\abeltz\Desktop\CustomerSegmentation\CustomerSegementation_Export_Tool.morph ran with errors:
Error: Exception while reading from stream
Source: Action “Import from database” in table “Imported table 1” in project “C:\Users\abeltz\Desktop\CustomerSegmentation\CustomerSegementation_Export_Tool.morph”

Hi Adam,

This error message usually indicates that query execution timeout occurred. You can change the timeout for SELECT queries in the Advanced tab of connector properties dialog.

Thanks Andrew - It seems like it was more related to our firewall