Error Code -1073741819 when using CLW and ODBC

I use the command line worker to execute projects from the command line. For this particular project, I’m using ODBC to import a MS Access DB into EasyMorph. The morph commands all work fine and the log reports that the job ran without errors.

However the command line client reports an error code -1073741819. When I change the project to not use the ODBC connection, it works properly and exits with code 0 as expected. I need help troubleshooting this so that I can get the ODBC working with the CLW.

If you run CLW under a different Windows account than EasyMorph Desktop, make sure that the ODBC connection is configured per system, not per user.

Also, check the log - the log path is specified in the command line arguments in your screenshot. The log may have more detailed error messages.