Error at download FTP


We have a daily process in which we download a large file (8 GB). Sometimes, the process fails with the following error:

"Unable to download file 'XYZ': Array dimensions exceeded supported range.
Array dimensions exceeded supported range."

Any idea if this easymorph related or should we look at the FTP server itself ?



The error message "Array dimensions exceeded supported range" suggests that there is not enough memory to continue the execution of a program.

Does the error occur during the download process or further processing of the file content?
When you say FTP you mean ftp:// or ssh sftp?
How much RAM is installed, and what is the percentage of memory utilization?
Does this error occur on the server or desktop? What version are you using?


It happens in the SFTP download action. We run the task on EM-server.
I suppose that it is related to the FTP-server itself because 80 % of the times the process succeeds... ?



With more information, it is easier to answer this question definitively.


  • what version of the EasyMorph Server are you using?
  • What is the percentage of memory utilization?
  • Can the size of the downloaded file change (increase/decrease) during downloading?
  • Which SFTP-server are you using?
  • How long does it usually take to download a file (succeed/failed scenario)? (You can obtain this information from the Task Diagnostic Log, but you should enable the Diagnostic Log beforehand.)


  • Which mode are you using, SCP or SFTP?




Sorry for the delay. Here's some extra info.

  • Server version:

  • % memory utilization: I can not really say. Is there a monitoring where I can see memory utilization for each task run ?

  • File size is fixed during transfer. The file to be downloaded is about 8 GB zip file.

  • SFTP-server is actually an azure blob storage with SFTP endpoint If I am not mistaken.

  • Normally the file download is about 10 minutes if I recall it well from testing. How can I enable the diagnostic log on EM-server ? I could not find it.

  • We use SFTP mode in the file transfer action.

  • The machine has 32 GB of RAM. Free RAM (when no tasks are running) is about 26 GB. Should we upgrade our machine ? If we scale up the EC2-instance on AWS, would it impact the license key ? I suppose not if it remains the same EC2 ?

@reynsnivea, EasyMorph actually supports Azure Blob Storage natively. Did you try downloading the file using the Azure Blob Storage connector in EasyMorph?