ERROR [08S01] [Cloudera][Hardy] (35)

I add a new connector using ODBC for HIVE system, the test connection was successful, but when I run any query, I get this error:

ERROR [08S01] [Cloudera][Hardy] (35) Error from server: error code: ‘1’ error message: 'Error while processing statement: FAILED: Execution Error, return code 1 from org.apache.hadoop.hive.ql.exec.tez.TezTask

Hi David, and welcome to the Community!

This error is issued by Hive, not by EasyMoprh.

Are you able to see the list of tables in the query editor? If so, can you see the column list for a table when you select one?

Hi Andrew, no show the tables usually program freezes. What should I do?

This error is issued by the database and not by EasyMorph itself.

Can you please try to run a simple query in the Custom SQL mode of Query Editor?

If it will give you an error, please try using the same ODBC DSN in some other software to check that the DSN is configured correctly.

If a try a query show the message error of the subject, and yes ODBC works

Can you please post a screenshot of the Custom SQL panel with the query and the error message visible?

Can you please post a screenshot of execution of a very simple query. Like SELECT 1 or similar. Please make sure that you are executing a valid HIVE query.

The test connection for: ODBC and EasyMorph works…

To connect HIVE the only way is for ODBC?
Does EM any Add-in to HIVE ?
What driver recommend to HIVE connections?
EM never show the tables, is it correct?

Yes, EasyMorph can work with Hive only through ODBC. There is no Add-in for HIVE. Everything should work out the box.

We tested the Hive dialect with Amazon EMR and Amazon Hive ODBC driver.

As for the list of tables. EasyMorph should be able to show the list of tables in Hie. The error comes not from EasyMorpn itself but from the database or from the driver.

Please try to run a simple query like SELECT 1 in the Custom SQL mode. Will it give you a similar error?