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Environment variables windows and EasyMorph server local service


EasyMorph server runs as a local service. How can I set the environment variables so that EM-server uses these variables? When I define a system variable, appartenly EM-server does not recognise that variable.
Could you help me on that ?

Thanks !

Hi @reynsnivea
After updating the environment variables, you need to restart EasyMorph Server service.
It could be done via Services -> EasyMorph Server -> Restart.
EasyMorph Server should be able to work with System Environment Variables.

However, if you want to limit the environment variables scope to the EasyMorph Server only, you’ll need to add the Multi-String Value (REG_MULTI_SZ ) called Environment to the windows registry
Environment to be like (one item per line)

VAR1=some var1 value
VAR3=some 3 value

And than, restart the EasyMorph Server service.


Thanks for the useful info. I indeed have not restarted the server. I shall try to do that and see if it helps.

Is there a risk when I restart the server ? I suppose that all tasks on the server remain available after restart ?


All running tasks will be canceled.


So for clarity, running tasks are stopped but the tasks itself are maintained ?


What do you mean, when you say "maintained "?

All server tasks and spaces persist on the drive (in the System Folder). When the EasyMorph Server service starts, it loads the spaces and tasks, and then schedules the tasks for execution. Any newly created or updated task will be saved into the file at the moment of creation/update.
When the EasyMorph Server service stops, it just cancels all running/pending tasks. No task will be started until the service is started.

The service start-stop routine is the default behavior for an EasyMorph Server update (when you update the Server without uninstalling the previous version) or a PC reboot.

Ok thanks. I mean with “maintain” that the tasks are stored in a file or database. But this is the cases as I read your answer.


Apparently restarting the server via server monitor does the trick.
Changed system environment variables are recognized after reboot.

Thanks !

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