"Enable Get" - How to get notified once the workflow is finished?

Hi there,

We really enjoy automating our reporting with Easymorph. Sometimes Easymorph is providing data that is used by other software. Therefore, it is a great option to start a workflow with a URL.

But, as we would love to start the EasyMorph workflows via URL, we would also like to have other software run the Easymorph workflow. It is possible with the URL but as the EasyMorph workflow would run for some minutes we would like to get an answer once the Easymorph workflow was successful (or not). Is there any way to do so?

Best regards

The simplest way to get notified is to just add the “Send email” action at the end of your EasyMorph workflow.

As for using a URL to trigger a Server task – this feature is supposed to be used in cases when the calling external system can’t use the “normal” EasyMorph Server API which provides significantly more integration capabilities than the “GET URL”. The “normal” API can be used in two ways:

  1. Using the ems-cmd command line utility that comes with EasyMorph Server, or can be downloaded separately. This utility, for instance, can trigger a task synchronously – i.e. wait until it finishes. Therefore, the calling system can use ems-cmd to trigger an EasyMorph Server task, wait until it finishes, and than notify you about success or failure depending on the exit code.

  2. More complex, but more flexible way is to use the EasyMorph Server .NET SDK. The SDK allows triggering tasks and transfer files programmatically from C# applications, PowerShell and VB scripts. In this case, the notification logic can be programmed inside the calling application/script.

Under the hood, the ems-cmd utility uses the SDK. Its source code is available on github and can be used as an example.