Enable/disable Server-Service or All Tasks

it happens that resources accessed by Easymorph tasks (file server, database server …) are maintained. For this purpose, maintenance periods are set up (often on weekends).
We would like to either deactivate the EasymorphServer service for this period on a time-controlled basis or build a project that reads all tasks and deactivates them for the period and reactivates them later.
Is there a way to iterate over all spaces and get the tasks of all the Serverspaces?
With the Easymorph server command we could then deactivate all jobs and reactivate them after maintenance.

A switch on the server console with a DateFrom and DateTo enable/disable would be of course also a possibility.



That’s a bit “crossing” one of my remark about easymorph server command. With such action you can enable/disable a task but it’s not possible to pass an id of task => you can only select tasks in drop down list.

I would so much like the possibility to input an id of task and also a new command to list task. So that first you list task, you eventually filter and then you iterate to enable/disable. This second thing is not so necessary as you can still iterate on each xml configuration file of tasks.

Example of use cases :

  • disable things temporarily because of technical maintenance impacting only a part of the tasks
  • file waiting : you run continuously tasks but you want to disable them when file arrived and tasks did their daily job, until the next day when you re-enable them

Note @rebmanna that in your case you would be able to generate dynamically morph projects (which are xml files) and use this EM server command action to disable/enable tasks by name, iterating through a script on all your xml task configuration file to get the name of your tasks. But I don’t like to do so as nothing can ensure that one day an easymorph upgrade would not change the xml model.

We will add it in version 5.3.1. This is a frequently requested feature, many people asked for it.


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